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Gamal Elkheshen
Ph.D. graphic design

Helwan University - Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics, Post-Doc "currently."
Gamal Elkheshen fields of research are focused on modern and contemporary art with and visual arts studies, and the relationships between art, media, and technologies, his doctoral dissertation "The Philosophy values of drawings in postmodernism," Gamal Elkheshen is currently a university lecturer at the Department of Graphic Art and Media Studies at Helwan University. A former co-leader of the research group Media Aesthetics at the University, Gamal is a visual artist as well his artwork focuses on visual arts such as drawing, painting, digital print, engraving and Installation, Video Art.

Research List: 

First Thesis: 

"The Digital Revolution and Ideologies of Thought and Creativity in Graphic Arts"

The Journal of Art & Architecture Research Studies - JAARS Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): 

Second Thesis: 

"Pixel art as a visual stimulus in graphic arts"

The Journal of Art & Architecture Research Studies - JAARS Vol. 2 No. 3 (2021):

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