Desertification of earth

Philosophy of Artwork:

      There are many ideas are planted and developed like plants and there are corrupt ideas such as rodents working to erase all the living of these plants "plant represents our life" and the continuity of our lives is in the survival of plants on the earth.

  In 1974 the episode of the program "Science and Faith"! Was shown on Egyptian television, The production of Riyadh TV Saudi Arabia the episode was for the desertification of the earth and how plants die in the soil and increase the spread of some harmful rodents that kill the plants and the causes of the emergence of rodents and spread around the plants!

With the beginning of the seventies of the last century began in Egypt the emergence of many new religious ideas coming from different societies, and many of them have carried an extremist thought has attracted those ideas a lot of minds Deserted!

In 1981, Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar El Sadat was assassinated by groups that carried extremist ideas as their method. It was the beginning of a course of violence followed by these currents. The program brings us back to the spread of desertification in Egypt due to harmful caterpillars inside the soil. The program was one of the new ideas in Egyptian society, And a solid example of the extension of the ideas that carried this approach and even the adoption of these currents.

The program continues to be presented in different formats now! In the 1990s, currents carried many of the most extreme ideas ... The program reviews the entry of corrupt water into the plant.. The ideas that have been planted in the community spread to a lots of places. The corrupt water spread to include a lot of minds! .. in the present century.. Extended to include dimensions and different forms!

Some countries have supported desertification and exported to the Middle East again! The corrupt water attracts many harmful cues and continues to spread.. Now! Water corrupt led to the desertification of minds our minds like plants!

Explanation of work:
The artwork covers two parts /
- Video Art film containing the episode of the program entitled "Desertification of the Earth" produced by Riyadh TV, aired on Egyptian television in 1974. The film also includes scenes of violence of the jihadist movements that carried those ideas!
- Art work drawing the artist on pages from different books from The most important books which is related to The Extreme Taoist Ideas.

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