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Gamal Elkheshen, is an Egyptian artist, born and raised in Cairo Egypt in 1988, In 2010, he received his BFA from the Graphic Design Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Zamalek, At the young age of 25, He acquired his MFA from the same university under the thesis title “Printed Artwork in Pop Art and the Effect of Advertising”. And it was the first step to focus on contemporary arts studies, he currently pursuing his doctoral studies; his main research focus is on "The Drawing in the 21st century .

Gamal was recently nominated to represent Egypt at the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in May 2015. The project he designed with 2 other Egyptian colleagues named “CAN YOU SEE?”, During the opening week of the biennale, the Egyptian pavilion was widely popular and successfully attracted many visitors to it 

He currently work as Teacher Assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Zamalek, Cairo where I teach Drawing, Printmaking and Design.
Gamal artwork focuses on drawing, painting, digital print, engraving and Installation, Video Art.

Exhibition History________________________________________

Upcoming Events,
      ·                     Solo Exhibition "End Of Season" Gallery Misr,Cairo, Egypt. 
      ·                     Installation project at the Egyptian youth salon      
      ·                     Solo Exhibition, FBA Gallery, London, UK.
      ·                     Group of Artists, Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence.    


·         The International Nord Art Exhibition 2016,  Büdelsdorf ,Germany.
·         The Egyptian-Bulgarian exhibition at Sofia university, Bulgaria.
·         The International Symposium of Electronic and New Media                  
·         Arts Cairo-tronica.
·         Egyptian artists Show- Egyptian Embassy in Lebanon.
·         The Intentional prints Exhibition Miami, United stats of America
·         Art Basel, Digital prints Conference, Hong Kong 
·         The Hidden Massage, Drawing Exhibition Art lounge ,Cairo
·         The Contemporary International FBA Exhibition, London,UK. 
·         The National Graphic Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt.
·         Egyptian Artists exhibition in KSA.
·         Agenda Art Exhibition, Bib-Alex, Alexandria, Egypt.
·         The Egyptian Youth Salon, 26,The Arts Palace, Cairo, Egypt 


Venice Biennale 56, Egyptian Pavilion, Venice, Italy.
·         Tokyo International Mini - Print Triennial , Tokyo, Japan.
Upper Egypt Salon, Luxor, Egypt.
North-South, European Union Art Culture Event .Discovering Egypt.
Agenda Art Exhibition, Bib-Alex, Alexandria, Egypt.


Youth Salon, The Arts Palace, Cairo Opera House , Cairo , Egypt.
Local arts exhibition events in Cairo.
Biennial of Small Graphic Form, Niklaas,Belgium.
Gabrovo International Biennale of Humour and Satire in the Arts, Bulgaria.

The BIMPE (Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition), Vancouver BC.
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Basel, Miami, USA.
National Biennial of Contemporary Prints, Spain.
International Print Biennial ROC, Shanghai.

lntergraflk Triennial of Engaged Graphic Art.
The Icelandic Printmakers’ Association.
International Biennale de Aquarelle, Fabriano, Italy .

Seoul International Print Biennale, South Korea. International Triennial Color in Graphic Art, Turin, Italy. Local arts exhibition events in Cairo.


Arabian Artists Exhibitions, Tunis, Jordon and Egypt. 
Local arts exhibition events in Cairo.
Graduation Art Exhibition, Cairo Opera House, Egypt.

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