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Welcome! Dr. Gamal Elkheshen, is an Egyptian artist, born and raised in Cairo Egypt in 1988, In 2010, he received his BFA from the Graphic Design Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Zamalek, He acquired his MFA and his Ph.D. from the same university, he acquired to his Ph.D. under the thesis title "The Philosophy values of drawings in postmodernism” Gamal studies focusing on contemporary arts. Gamal had exhibited his artwork in many international exhibitions such as he was nominated to represent Egypt at the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 56th in May 2015. Named “CAN YOU SEE?”, He shows his artwork too in lots of other international exhibitions and local as well, He had till now three solo exhibitions in Cairo, Dubai, and Berlin, gamal attend many workshops and art residencies as well, gamal artwork focuses on visual arts such as drawing, painting, digital print, engraving and Installation, Video Art. He currently works as a lecturer a

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