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11 December 2019 - 25 December 2019Gezira Art Center presents a new solo exhibition by the artist Gamal Elkheshen.  

Please join us in the presence of the artist at the opening reception on 11 December  7:00 - 9:00 pm.

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“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”
“Cross the world” a new exhibition of the Egyptian artist, Gamal Elkheshen, who's tracking his concept at his art exhibition which contained (Jalal El- Rumi) poetry, during a journey between all of his artworks that hold different ideas, Gamal decided to take us during this journey and cross with us into his artworks, with using the same technique and similar colors at his new collection, with the poetry of  "El Rumi" that signed by the artist, Gamal's Out There with a virtual vision by his artworks, he took us in a tolerance dream, we all seek at the end of our life, searching for answers to philosophical questions, like “Why do we feel so lonely?!” “How can find and reach our souls?!” Rumi and gamal answer some.
 “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes, Because for those who love by heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation”
 Through Gamal artworks, by nine large painting he crosses and passes between all of them to find answers, searching for his soul inside the artworks, with highly Performance methods varied from roughness to soft textures and moving between them with very sensitivity touches, for his techniques he used solid backgrounds limited range of colors very purity and the colors related in any way to the statement structure that Gamal followed and for his figurative inside the artworks, he used  black and white in many transfers layers to see motions of the bodies inside the paintings all are searching for souls, expressionism generally is a method of gamal artworks which come out to talk to us, Gamal with his third solo exhibition, he is seeking always humanity feelings at this exhibition we can see he obeys his emotions more by drawing himself through some of the artworks in “cross the world” and each of us can ask Is he really wants to cross the world?!, is he alone?! , Is he crossed with "Jalal El -Rumi"?!.
“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”
 you can feel it “Gamal & El-Rumi” draw the artworks together in a complete oneness case, one soul, and to see gamal art projects, in general, he always fellow his art projects by a statement, started by writing a concept, and then think of how to experimental visually, through his experimental and expression mental– it is mainly divided into projects, every project comes after some researches and in-depth examination of the subject matter giving each project its own concept, character, technique, and materials. The interaction between the project, the viewer and himself becomes a priority when creating his installations in order to give the work a living spirit. He’s also working on experimenting with video art, painting and sculpture, exploring projects that could express aspects of his Artwork through movement and sound through visual solutions and language.

Selection of quotes text from Gamal ELkheshen monograph by curated and authored by PRESS RELEASE of the exhibition.

The Exhibition Run till 25 of December.

Gezira Art Center location

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