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Inferno chapter:

   “In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straightway was lost. Ah, how hard a thing it is to tell what a wild, and rough, and stubborn wood this was, which in my thought renews the fear!”

فصل الجحيم

    رحلة البحث عن الفردوس"  وجدت نفسي وأنا في منتصف طريق حياتنا في غابة مظلمة كانت الجادة فيها غير واضحة ومفقودة  وهو ماجدد ذلك الخوف بداخلي!

   Those convicted in Hell are those who have lost the ability to think, perceive, understand, and see. When he looks into the depths of a person, he sees that his heart is being eroded by envy, stinginess, and greed.

   Dante believes that the source of evil is the man himself and that his eyes are watching what he does, as he says in Purgatory. The sixteenth poem, "If the present world is perverted and lost, then look for the cause in yourselves in your eyes," because man is always looking for the source of evil in his surroundings, with integrity and responsibility, in the sky. The tragedy lies in the sleeping minds.

  Dante envisions the location of Hell away from God who radiates light, and the hereafter envisions a small island in which there is a forest vibrant with life and symbolizes the paradise of faith on earth? To the highest good and eternal serenity. For Dante, the divine truth is one and the same, even if the religions differed, a fact declared by the prophets, the first of whom was Moses. Dante believed in the existence of one eternal God who could move and not move, and that this truth was found in the divine books, and that any person could discover it if he worked his mind, while at the same time he was defending a noble ruling class that would reach power with knowledge and virtue.

Artists Books:

By Gamal ELkheshen

Inferno Chapter Book (2020)

   This is a series of CTP printing that illustrates the 15 cantos of Dante’s Inferno. Combining Gamal's own Digital drawings and collage with images transferred with a chemical solvent from a metal plate to print out through lithography CTP printing, Gamal provides a contemporary context for Dante’s poem.

Gamal uses CTP prints for the 15 plates of metal lithography prints and signs the original printed artwork in the book the edition of 10.

Canto I: The Dark Wood of Error.

Canto III: The Vestibule of Hell, The Opportunists.

Canto VII: Circle Four, The Hoarders, and The Wasters; Circle Five, The Wrathful and The Sullen.

Canto X: Circle Six, The Heretics.

Canto XIV: Circle Seven, Round 3, The Violent Against God, Nature, and Art.

Canto XVIII: Circle Eight, Malebolge, The Evil Ditches.

Canto XXVI: Circle Eight, Bolgia 8, The Evil Counselors.

Canto XXVIII: Circle Eight, Bolgia 9, The Sowers of Discord: The Sowers of Religious and Political Discord Between Kinsmen.

Canto XXIX: Circle Eight, Bolgia 10, The Falsifiers: Class 1.

Canto XXX: Circle Eight, Bolgia 10, The Falsifiers: The Evil Impersonators, Counterfeiters, and False Witnesses.

Canto XXXI: Central Pit of Malebolge, The Giants.

Canto XXXII: Circle Nine, Cocytus, Compound Fraud: Round 2, Antenora, Treacherous to Country; Round 3, Ptolomea, Treacherous to Guests and Hosts.

Canto XXXIV: Circle Nine, Cocytus, Compound Fraud: Round 4, Judecca, Treacherous to Their Masters.

Canto XXXIV: The Vestibule of Hell, The Opportunists.

Canto XXXIV: Circle Four, The Hoarders and The Wasters; Circle Five, The Wrathful and The Sullen.


 Artists Book Cover Book By Gamal Elkheshen

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